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“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

If John Rohn is right in his assertion, then mastermind groups (also known as peer-to-peer mentoring) can help leaders, business owners, and executives dramatically increase their personal averages. All types of leaders face an ever-changing business landscape, where competition is stiff, budgets are tight, and the labor market is challenging. Mastermind groups can help proactive leaders accelerate their personal and professional growth. Bringing together a group of peers is effective because it allows each member to experience new perspectives and deep support.

What is a Mastermind Group?

Professional development with a twist

A mastermind is a group of highly motivated people who are committed to growing personally and professionally. These groups meet regularly and are focused on leveraging the power of many minds coming together for a single purpose—to foster personal and professional growth and development, drive results, and realize the attainment of your goals through accountability. In fact, joining a mastermind gets you out of your box and helps you find answers faster than you would on your own. Anyone who owns a business or leads a team should be in one.

You won’t be in business and leadership alone!

Peer mentoring at its best

A mastermind group is also referred to as a peer mentoring group or a personal board of directors. Napoleon Hill shared the concept in his book Think and Grow Rich, where he defined it as, “The coordination of knowledge and effort in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

Reason to Join a Mastermind Group



Leaders, Executives, and Entrepreneurs place a very high level of importance on their ability to accomplish goals. In fact, a recent survey of leaders found that accomplishing goals was the number one task a leader should focus on. In a mastermind group, members hold their peers’ feet to the fire. Meeting regularly means members must be ready to follow up on the goals they set and the promises they make.


Being Challenged

Some leaders find that after they become the boss, there are few within their organization who will challenge them. This can lead to complacency. An organized mastermind group, however, will push each other to live up to a high level of excellence. A savvy group will also jettison a habitually underachieving member. This small bit of peer pressure is part of what leads to such remarkable improvement in the performance of most members.


Leadership Skills

It may sound strange that a business owner’s leadership skills are so closely tied to how well they perform as part of a mastermind group. But the lessons a business leader learns in these valuable, regularly scheduled meetings are, in essence, a form of leadership training. Each member is expected to help their fellow group members solve problems. Taking on the role of a trusted peer advisor strengthens the leadership and coaching skills of every mastermind group member, which they can bring back to their own respective companies, organizations, or communities.



No one should join a mastermind group with the sole goal of landing new business. However, networking happens naturally, and members often benefit from finding partners for new ventures, exchanging leads, and sending business to one another.



It can be lonely at the top, and mastermind groups offer that additional perk of being a support group for leaders. They also deliver a fun social element, which appeals to leaders who may otherwise be too busy to have much of a social life outside of their work and family.



For all of the reasons above, members of masterminds often develop greater confidence. There is so much opportunity for growth that members typically begin to feel stronger as leaders and more assured in their decision making. Better yet, that confidence can spread through their companies and inspire their teams to perform better.


Increased Profits

A mastermind group pushes you to set goals and pushes you to achieve them. It helps you tackle challenges by offering new perspectives and helpful advice. It sharpens your leadership skills, grows your network, and boosts your confidence. All of that greatly increases your chances of making more money.

Your Results from Joining

Gain Focus & Direction

Create a Vision and Strategy. Align your heart and mind.

Get Organized

Eliminate overwhelm with clear goals and working routines.

Install Accountability

Eliminate procrastination and get your shit done.

Make Confident Decisions

If they cannot feel you, they will tell you. This activates your intuition.

Cut Your Learning Curve

Adopt proven strategies from other leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives.

Balance your Life

Overachievers get slowed down. Dreamers become concrete.

Clear Financial Goals

Set a ‘Big Rock’ for the next 12 months that is realistic and achievable.

Use Authentic Marketing

Spread your message raw and real in a no-bullshit approach.

Strong Support Network

Get out of your comfort zone and receive unconditional support.

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